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Bouquet Flower Preservation Freeze Drying Process

The journey of flower preservation

  • You have a beautiful wedding!
  • Your bouquet is personally picked up or delivered to Trinity Flowers
  • Your flowers are then carefully prepared for our state of the art freeze drying machine
  • The machine freezes the flowers then the temperature is slowly raised in the specimen chamber with a vacuum pump removing any vapour that is released. This process is called sublimation. Over many days, the temperature is slowly raised allowing the flowers to return to room temperature but without the moisture being present
  • Once at room temperature, the flowers are then removed from the specimen chamber. It is normally at this point I will call you to choose your bespoke frame (if you have not already done so)
  • Your flowers are then carefully arranged by hand in the style you have chosen
  • The frame is then sealed and is ready to be delivered/picked up and cherished by you forever
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