Our Prices

Your flowers are individual so our service is bespoke

The frame sizes can vary to fit your bouquet

wedding flower preservation flowers side view


Side view bouquet Shown with ‘ornate’
frame 11x14


wedding flower preservation orange


Side view bouquet with button hole Shown with ‘shabby chic’ frame 11x14


Wedding Bouquet Framed Preserved 2


Birds eye view of bouquet Shown with ‘beech’
frame 12x12


Wedding Bouquet Framed Preserved 3


Panoptic view of bouquet Shown with ‘white smooth’ frame 12x12


wedding flower preservation rose frame


Single rose (or any flower) in a frame Shown with ‘indent’ frame 6x12


wedding flower preservation rose frame


Tri frame typically putting bouquet in one box, button hole in the other and a photo in the third. Shown with ‘beech’ frame


wedding flower preservation duo


This duo hinged frame has a 3D box frame on one side for a selection of flowers and a photo frame on the other. Shown with ‘Beech’ frame


Wedding Bouquet Framed Preserved 7


Memory box with bouquet/flowers and any other keepsakes you of your day can be added Shown with ‘Antique Champagne’ frame 11x14 From


Wedding Bouquet Framed Preserved 6


Keepsake box with a small selection of your flowers Shown with ‘white wood’ frame 6x6 or 6x8


Memory Box Gold frame Wedding Bouquet Preservation


A photo is placed in the box with flowers arranged around the photo Shown with ‘Antique Champagne’ frame


ant frame mixed Trinity Flowers Wedding Bouquet Preservation


Teardrop bouquet. Shown with the dark oak frame. 13x18


Photo Poem Trinity Flowers


You can place a photo, poem or another keepsake with your bouquet next to it. Shown with the beech frame